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Picture Gallery - Pictures from 2009

These are pictures of plants I've grown or seen during the 2009 growing season.

This is just a selection of images of plants featured in this website. These are all pictures taken during the 2009 growing season. Click on the thumbnail and the larger picture will open in a new window. These images may be quite large files so, if you are not on broadband, the page may take a while to load.


These images are © J S Robertson 2005-2009 and may not be used without permission. In the unlikely event that you would like to use any of these images please complete the contact form to let me know which images you would like and why.

If you link to these images from your website, what's called 'sponging', I will know and I will make sure your visitors know.


Though the Poison Garden website comes about because of the knowledge about poison plants I developed in order to perform my role as Poison Garden Warden at the Alnwick Garden, neither John Robertson nor this site is now in any way connected with Alnwick Garden Enterprises Ltd and/or The Alnwick Garden Trust.